Wednesday, August 27, 2014

I'm Back Bitches!

So I've been away for a while. I needed to take a break. I had friends that needed me, a marriage that needed me, family that needed me, pets that needed me; yes everyone needed a piece of me and I was spreading myself way to thin. I had to knock a few things off the list and this was something I LOVED doing but just didn't have the time for. Now I'm back (and as Jesse Pinkman would say) Bitches! 

Lets do a quick catch up session shall we:

  • I'm still in advertising and at the same place for 9.5 years now. What that means to me: In January I get 4 weeks vacation

  • I'm still married to my husband; That's not to say at times we didn't think we would still be here 11 years later. Lets just say every marriage goes through a "WTF am I doing" stage. We had that stage and made it past the tsunami (Id say storm but when Chris and I do anything we do it big)

  • My 2 pups Bella & Dylan; WOW things can change in an instant. Bella was diagnosed with Hystiocitic Sarcoma May 9 2014 & although my baby girl fought SO hard she lost her battle on July 18 2014. She was my first "baby" & the light of my life but every light fades and it was her time to now watch over us from above.

  • That brings me to present day. We now have Dylan (6.5) and Lucy (1) She is amazing and a complete lover. In typical Pouliot fashion she is a rescued American Pit bull Terrier. She loves us, Our king size bed, any human cuddling, veggies, her brother Dylan & outside free play time. Dylan is still warming up to her. Its only been a month and he's never been on his own aka Alpha pup. He always had Bella as his protector so he's still getting the hang of being the "boss." Lucy is submissive to him and so patient yet at times she will get real close to him and lick him as if she wants to say "I'm here, I love you, just love me back damn it!" It takes time and each day they do something new together and make progress so just like dating in the human world love takes time.

  • Babies: working on it & most likely will get some help. I'm starting to think my moms joke "Oh Kacey and Chris will be over with the triplets" may not be that far off. Like I once said to a doctor..If you put 3 in there only 2 are coming home from the hospital so unless you want a baby I suggest you keep that shit in mind.

  • My parents, brother, sister, nieces and nephews all healthy and happy.

  • My brother lives in NYC and as a kid who grew up in Carroll County (Farm land) he's doing amazingly well. We decided they will probably make a movie of his life when he hits it big. I picked DiCaprio to play him & I think Sandra will play me. She older then I but I feel like she could pull "being me" off.

  • My SS (soul sister) and lil monkey moved to LA as she got the job of a lifetime. After seeing them EVERY week for years it was a hard adjustment. Its still hard. Especially when Bella got sick and all I wanted was to sit with her, eat cheese, laugh & get a big hug from the monkey. However she and he are doing so well & shes happier then I've EVER seen her. All I ever wanted was her to get past the storm and have the rainbow she deserved and she has so I put my sadness aside and smile because she is smiling.

  • I made a "new" best friend. Her names Sarah. Her mom and my mom are also besties. After spending time with her I realized this woman was my Soul Mate. If we were gay we would be lovers, If this marriage gig doesn't work out we will just live together and spend all our time doing pointless stuff and laughing; like we do now but with more champs! Her son Lincoln aka My Boo Butt is the best behaved 1 year old ever and he makes me smile. For the 1st time a couple months ago he was being held by his dad and he reached out for me to hold him. At that moment I knew I "arrived" and that kid would always have a special place in his Aunt CC's heart. I still think one day Ill get him a pony.

Im sure there so much more but lets leave that for later posts. Don't want to spoil all the excitement in 1 blog! 

Lets end this with I'm happy, healthy, have great friends, an amazing family and so much more to say so as I said in the beginning I'M BACK BITCH'S get excited!