Tuesday, May 17, 2011

In the end all we really are is human

LOVE: Noun; An intense feeling of deep affection
TRUST: Verb; to rely upon or place confidence in someone or something

HONESTY: Noun; truthfulness, sincerity, or frankness. 
RESPECT: Verb; to hold in esteem or honor

I read a story about Interracial marriages and how at one time they were forbidden in many states, until the Supreme Court ruled that those laws were unconstitutional by way of "Loving vs.Virginia." The Lovings were an interracial couple who were jailed for being married. They were released but told they couldn't live in Virginia. They sued and won. How ironic their last name was "Loving."
 As I read the story I thought to myself how ridiculous this all seemed to me. States having laws as late as 1959 that a black person and a white person couldn't be married. Although the color of their skin was different they had one thing in common for sure...they were both referred to as a "person."
Its 2011 and we would NEVER think to tell a man and a woman of different race or color they couldn't be married so my question is why is it OK to tell a man and a man or a woman and a woman who are in love and want to be joined in a union as wife and wife or husband and husband that they cant? If you read the definition's of the words above; the very basis for a good marriage, no where will you see these characteristics defined by a gender but rather by the character one holds within.
 I understand there are people who do not agree with this, who think marriage is an institution between man and woman. To those people; I think we all have to believe in something and I'm not here to say what you should and shouldn't believe in. Your morals and judgments are your own however I do not chose to believe the way you do and I wont argue or try to sway you into my beliefs. All I ask is that everyone in the United States should be able to decide what their own beliefs are and act accordingly as long as it doesn't physically hurt or harm anyone in the process. Inst that the very foundation America was founded on? Being free to make ones own choices in the pursuit of life, liberty and happiness?

Love, faith and friendship are the 3 fundamentals to a happy life. I believe you need all 3 to be a complete, balanced person. Those 3 fundamentals must also be present in a marriage if its going to sustain over a long period of time; hopefully ones lifetime. What right is it of anyone's to tell 2 people who feel that way about one another they don't have the legal and human right to stand before god, their friends and family and make it legal/official.
Back in the 50's, 60's and even 70's it was considered taboo to even live with a person of the opposite sex before marriage. Now its considered "normal" and even healthy.The majority of people who are married lived with their spouse ahead of time. There's even a large group of cohabitants who will never get married. They are content living together, sharing a life but don't feel the need to legalize what they feel they already have. Most of us in 2011 wont look at couples who decide to live this way with disdain. We don't preach that they are going against god or going to hell. Its just become the "norm" and that's accepted by most of society this day and age. My hope for the future and for my children's future is this is the way gay marriage will be looked at not to long from now. I hope my children see 2 people who are in love getting married and not define it as a "gay marriage" but by what it really is...2 people who are in love and want to seal that sacred union before god and their loved ones and have it be recognized just as any marriage would be. I hope they read stories about the time 2 gay men or 2 lesbians couldn't legally marry and think "WOW! That's archaic, mean and unjustified" just as I did while reading about blacks and whites not being able to marry. I want my children to grow up in a world where people are equal. Where love is the most important emotion of them all and at the end of the day loving someone and to be loved in return is all we really have and everything that really matters.

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